About us

Sonnebring Engineering & Trading AB was founded in 2010 by Per-Åke Sonnebring. After a challenging start we now represent 7 different companies in Italy and Spain within the steel industry. Our mission is to:

  • Cooperate with world leading manufacturers of long steel products
  • Focus on clients in the industrial and steel wholesale in the Nordic and Baltic regions
  • Offer the most comprehensive range of special steel profiles in the Nordic and Baltic regions
  • Sell cold drawn, hot rolled, extruded, and cold roll formed profiles of steel  and cold drawn steel
  • Offer solution based support for development of steel component
  • If necessary, offer further processing of the products

Our vision

Sonnebring Engineering & Trading AB will offer the most comprehensive range of special steel profiles in collaboration with world leading manufacturers. We will be supplying industrial companies of all sizes and sectors, as well as steel wholesale companies in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Baltics. Products offered are cold drawn, hot rolled, extruded and roll-formed profiles and cold drawn steel.

In addition, we offer our clients solution focused support in the development of steel components as well as the required processing of the products. This will all be done in collaboration with quality-certified companies specializing in cutting and machining.