Components and materials

Components from Metec Technologies AB

We cooperate with Metec Technologies, a manufacturer of high quality components and materials through its proprietary and patented SCANPAC™ MMS process. Through this process, components weighing from 50 to 1500 g can be produced, mainly in medium or large series. Materials used are preferably stainless steel and high alloy, as well as carbon steel, with properties as good as or better than forged material. MMS process is an environmental friendly manufacturing method. Through efficient use of materials and fewer steps in the process, large amounts of energy can be saved per kilogram of manufactured component, compared to conventional production.

The advantages with components manufactured through MMS-process are:

  • Good dimensional tolerances
  • Material properties as good as, or better, than components produced in conventional processes
  • Ability to combine different materials in a single component, which has not previously been possible

Areas of use

The products are used in many different applications, for example:

  • Components of low alloy steel  and ball bearing steel , e.g. engine and gearbox components where durability and performance is important
  • Components of tool steel and high speed steel
  • Stainless steel components , e.g. flanges/couplings, pump and valve components, and fittings
  • Components nickel/cobolt based alloys, e.g. valve seats for heavy duty diesel engines
  • Components of bi-metal, e.g. stainless steel/stellite and tool steel/carbides

Product properties

MaterialWeightTolerancesDelivery form
Low alloy steels
and bearing steel
Tool steel
High Speed Steel
stainless steel
Nickel/cobalt-based alloys
50 - 1500 gWithin approx. 0.1 mm,
but depends on order
Completed form, or substance
for further processing