Aluminium profiles

Product advantages using Trafilerie Alluminio Alexia SpA

Trafilerie Alluminio Alexia is one of the leading producers in Europe of hot extruded aluminiumprofiles. Material could be different types of aluminiunalloys produced in own melting shop. Company was founded 100 years ago and is a part of Agnelli Industries Group. Production capacity is 25000 ton/år and they are certified according to ISO 9001:2008.

Company is placed in Gordona (SO) – North Italy, close to the Swiss border with good road- and railway connections.

Hot extruded aluminiumprofiles are used where there are demands for complex shapes which are either open or closed and where the weight/m is of great concern.

The benefits from using a hot extruded aluminiumprofile from Trafilerie Alluminio Alexia are:

  • Wide size range (cross-section weight 0.05 – 29 kg/m)
  • Good dimensional tolerances, surface roughness and straightness
  • Possible to deliver lengths up to 14 m
  • Possible to deliver finished parts (machined, anodized, painted)

Product range

The product range consists of mainly hot extruded special profiles in aluminium, but they also produce some standard profiles (which are possible to buy without paying tooling cost, see separate list on the website):

  • Rounds, flats and squares
  • L- and T-profiles
  • Rectangular tubes

Areas of use

The products are used in many different applications, for example:

  • Interior design, lighting
  • Elevators
  • Road signs
  • Ventilation products
  • Photovoltaic panels
  • Automatic door systems

Technical data

AlloysDimensionsTolerancesDelivery form
EN AW 1050A
EN AW 3003/3103
EN AW 5083
EN AW 6005A/6060/61/63
EN AW 6082
EN AW 6101B
EN AW 6463
EN AW 7020
0,05 - 29 kg/m
According to agreement
and different standards
Lengths up to 14 m
Final machining can
be offered

Download Trafilerie Alluminio Alexia PDF document


Trafilerie Alluminio Alexia PDF document