Hot rolled steel profiles

Product advantages using Falci SrL

Hot rolled steel profiles are used when the requirements of dimension tolerances and surface finish are somewhat lower, compared to a cold drawn profile.

The benefits of a hot rolled steel profile from Falci are:

  • Good dimension tolerances (within ± 0,3 mm)
  • Good straightness
  • Low minimum quantities (1500-3000 kg)
  • Low tool costs (approx. 3000 EUR)

Areas of use

The products are used in many different applications for mobile and stationary mechanics, for example:

  • Vehicles/trucks
  • Forestry and agricultural machinery
  • Construction
  • Tools
  • Horseshoes

Technical data

Type of steelDimensionsTolerancesDelivery form
All types of steel,
provided they can be rolled
Cross-section area
25-630 mm²
0.20-4.30 kg/m
Max 50 mm
Within +-0.3 mmBars
3-8 m
600 kg up to profile weight 3 kg/m