Cold drawn steel profiles

Product advantages using SIPA SpA

Since the cost of a component is determined already in the design stage, when the production method is chosen, there is much to gain by choosing the right method from the start. By using a cold drawn steel profile you can, if applicable, replace procedures such as:

  • Milling
  • Forging/casting
  • Sintering

The benefits of a cold drawn steel profile are:

  • Excellent dimension tolerances
  • Good surface finish
  • Enhanced strength by cold working
  • Excellent straightness for long lengths

Product specifics for SIPA SpA

SIPA SpA specialises in the manufacturing of special profiles of carbon steel, both simpler geometries as well as more complicated ones. Their advantage is that with relatively short lead times they can cost effectively produce small batches, from about 1500 kg and upwards (depending on e.g. the size of the cross section).

Areas of use

The products are used in many different applications for mobile and stationary mechanics, for example:

  • Heavy and light vehicles, e.g. transmission, starters and AC systems
  • Tools for woodworking
  • Hinges
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Shafts, e.g. for pumps and power transmission

Techincal data

Type of steelDimensionsTolerancesStraightnessSurface finish
Case hardening
Cross-section area
20-5000 mm²
+-0.1 mm or
per request
1-1.5 mm/m or
per request
Ra 2.5-3.5 um

Quality controlQuantitiesLead timeTooling costLengths
hardness testing
Chemical analysis
Surface finish
1-2 ton3-4 months1000-4000€ depending on dimension
and complexity of geometry
3-4 or 5-6 m
up to 7 m