Special profiles

Special profiles in steel

We can supply cold-drawn, hot-rolled, cold-rolled, extruded (extruded) and roll-shaped profiles that cover most needs. Depending on the profile's design, material, delivery permit and purpose of use, different requirements are set for manufacturing methods.

In all cases, we work towards delivering a design as close to the finished product as possible, which means large savings of raw materials and also in subsequent steps.

The motive for using a special profile can be the following:

  • Reduce processing time when manufacturing products by turning & milling
  • Replace other manufacturing methods such as welding, forging and casting
  • Be able to produce a long product with high demands on straightness and rotation tolerances

Information on the tolerances that can be achieved by the different manufacturing methods as follows:

  • Cold drawingstandard tolerances ± 0.10 mm and if necessary down to ± 0.02 mm
  • Hot rollingtolerances from ± 0.30 mm and up, depending on dimensions
  • Extrusiontolerances from ± 0.50 mm and upwards, depending on dimensions

Advantages of using special profiles

  • Quite small min quantities, from 1000 kg and up
  • Moderate tool investment, from 2000 € and up
  • Profiles with tough requirements for straightness and rotation tolerances can be manufactured
  • Very good surface smoothness can be achieved, especially for cold-drawn profiles (Ra within 3.2 μm)


Cold drawn profiles are delivered from Calvi SpA and SIPA SpA, hot-rolled profiles from Falci SrL (I) and LOSAL S.A (ES), extruded profiles from Siderval SpA (I) and roll-shaped profiles from SIKA Profili SrL (I).


All suppliers are certified according to ISO 9001, most according to ISO 14001 and some according to TS 16949.

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