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Hot rolled flat and square bars/RUGUI

Presentation of RUGUI 

RUGUI is one of the leading producers of hot rolled flat and square bars in Europe. Materials are different types of carbon steel, boron steel and alloyed steel. RUGUI has a very high quality level, flexibel production with competitive prices. Steel mill and rolling mills are top notch and were all built 2010-2012, the steel mill is equipped with vacuum degassing in order to be able to produce steel with high cleanlineness.  

Company is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, the steel mills and hot rolling mills are all placed in Northeast of Spain with good road, railway and boat connections.  

Product range 

The product range is hot rolled flat and square bars as well as symmetrical special profiles: 

  • Hot rolled flat bars 40 x 8 – 300 x 30 mm 
  • Hot rolled square bars 25 – 81.5 mm 

Minimum rolling is 5 – 10 tons, depending on size. Standard lengths are 6 – 12 m, but special lengths could be offered as well as precision cutting, shot blasting and other treatments. Special alloys according to customer specification could be produced with a minimum quantity of 30 ton. 

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